Saturday, November 7, 2009


A song for my niece Lilah, seemingly written especially for her.

(Lyrics translated:

Come and run away from here
Let's leave the world
Behind to settle down

I'll take care of you
You can sleep the whole way
And think about all that was
And see how it goes

So you will be better
With me
Come with me

Let's build a dream
Where everything is actually not true
And we'll have worried for no reason

Well, what do you care?
We will have a small home
With stone benches in the garden
And a window with another view

It will be more beautiful
With me
Come with me
With me
Come with me

Don't tell me "later"
Don't tell me "maybe tomorrow"
And put it off forever

It's not worth it
You must understand me
If you won't agree to be with me
I'll have to be alone

So it will be less nice
Everyone will tell you -
Ask them!
La la la ...

La la la ...)