Sunday, February 8, 2009

And Now for Something Completely the Same (Updated)

I don't want to beat a dead horse, but I will. I found an interesting video (free registration required) which is a news report from Gaza by an Arabic TV station (translation provided) about the manufacture of rockets which have been shot at Israel. It starts at about the halfway mark of the clip (around the 3:12 mark). Here are some of the interesting parts:

(Al-Arabiya reporter) Wael 'Assam: Sheik Abu Dujana is wanted by Israel. Why wouldn’t he be? After all, he is a veteran missile-maker in Gaza. How many missiles have you made in recent years?

(Terrorist) Sheik Abu Dujana: 300-500 missiles. The range of this missile is 16-20 km.

Wael 'Assam: Which areas of Israel have you targeted with these missiles?

Sheik Abu Dujana: Ashkelon, and the Nahal Oz area. In the recent battles, we launched 100-200 missiles.

Wael 'Assam: Let’s see how Abu Dujana makes his missiles, which have deprived the Israelis of their sleep.
How's that for personalizing things? Actually, 99% of the missles shot are during daytime when a) people are not sleeping and b) the likelihood of hitting people out in the open is probable.
Sheik Abu Dujana: We compress it all into the warhead in order to increase the blast.

Wael 'Assam: You compress the TNT?

Sheik Abu Dujana: Of course, along with shrapnel.

Wael 'Assam: How do you obtain the shrapnel?

Sheik Abu Dujana: We use pins, nails, and pieces of metal, which increase the blast.
He means "increase the lethality" of the blast. Nice to meet you, too.

Pray for and against these people.

Here is the video without registration (see 2nd half of video).

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