Friday, June 5, 2009

Jesus Trail - Day 3

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We started where we left off the previous day at McDonalds, I mean, Golani Junction. Our goal this day was a moshav at the foot of Mount Arbel just by the cliffs above the Sea of Galilee. Today, it is apparent that my body is beginning to voice disapproval at the decision to undertake this hike. In fact, my body's voice of disapproval was more like a scream with each and every step. But, like most males, better judgment was completely ignored because turning back was out of the question.

Golani Junction is an ancient crossroad between two major routes. Proof of this is the remains of a Roman road laid by the great empire. And this happens to be the only place on the entire trail we can say that Jesus most likely walked at some point.As we near the Sea of Galilee we encounter some of the most beautiful and different terrain in all of the trip.Here are the Horns of Hittin where nearly 1,000 years ago the Christian Crusader army was routed and mercilessly slaughtered on that fateful hot summer day. This was the Crusader's "Waterloo" long before the famous French General made the term famous.On the top of the Horns, we lunched.Then on down to our destination of the moshav. Downhill is good.Especially since we are now in sight of the Sea and our ultimate destination.

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