Friday, January 9, 2009

A Time for War

Having put myself under a self-imposed TV news blackout (a source of undue stress), I don't know what all is being shown on the news here OR in other countries. I am more than confident that the suffering on both sides is being examined with a fine tooth microscope (if I may mix my metaphors). With the political situation in Gaza being much too complicated to unravel here, one thing can be said with complete certainty: Hamas is pure evil. Civilian deaths is the goal, both Israeli and Palestinian.

Having endured being a target myself from the Jihadists' rockets, my aforementioned narrow perspective might tend to slant my opinions about this current war. Regardless, I want it to be over immediately. I'm not a flag-waving anything here, yet for the sake of everyone, both Israeli and Palestinian, I can only hope that Hamas is crushed.

Civilian deaths in wartime are sadly unavoidable, but Israel goes to every length possible to avoid at best, minimize at worst, enemy civilian casualties. The qualitative difference is the well known fact that Hamas targets civilians, and even prefers to target Israeli children (stop and let that notion sink in: they "target children", and they "prefer" to target them), and if that's not bad enough, they are more than eager to cause and promote the deaths of their own civilians.Not only is it interesting that they are willing "to fight to the very last drop of their population's blood", but also that "[t]here is a tacit understanding amongst Hamas officials that the organization is not a shield for the Palestinian population, but there to protect their own associates only." This bears out in reports that the Hamas fighters are avoiding fighting man-to-man, soldier-to soldier, but prefer shielding themselves behind civilians:

And tucked safely away from the fighting they (Hamas) caused, at every opportunity they (Hamas) reject out-of-hand any offer of a cease-fire.

Why, why, why not agree to stopping the fighting? That would be, in their own words, absurd.

Say what you want about the war, or any war. War is absolutely horrible and, unfortunately, in war the most terrible things always happen. However, when one fights a war against vile enemies such as Hamas and other terrorists, one must remember who the enemy is and what they want more than anything in this world: to kill me AND you. But don't take the word of little ol' me, take it straight from the horses' mouths:

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