Thursday, January 1, 2009

War Anyone? Anyone?

A little more on the war. First, video of a rocket nearly missing a pedestrian in Ashkelon. Notice the force of the explosion:

Next is the damage caused by a rocket. Notice the building behind and the bullet-like shrapnel holes left:When you hear about "shrapnel wounds" from the rockets, think of this shrapnel.

A side note: There are those who say that these rockets are really not all that dangerous. You might want to lower your opinion of whomever says such nonsense.

Here's a chart of the current rocket range (courtesy of on my experience, I would have sworn that Ashkelon had only 3-7 seconds time to reach cover. Maybe in an ideal world, they're talking about.

Here's an article about rockets now reaching Be'er Sheva. Interesting quote:

Efrat, an Omer resident, was at home with her two small daughters and was terrified to hear the siren. "As a lecturer at the Sapir College (in Sderot [where rockets fall almost daily for the past 4 years]), but with my children at home it was terrible," she told Ynet.
In other words, rockets are terrifying, but when children are involved there are no words to describe what it's like.

Pray that all this will stop.

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